In 2015 Rui da Silva set out to develop a revolutionary air pruning container that would allow the amateur and professional horticulturalist to attain a higher standard of performance. Starting with the original wired version invented by his father-in-law, Joel Butler, Rui (rhymes with Louie) began to experiment. After a couple of years of trial and error, he perfected the SweetRoots container — a wire-free, one-piece solution that dramatically reduces transportation costs and eliminates the need for onsite assembly. 

The result is a nothing short of revolutionary: a container with root pruning abilities that performs better than the competition, requires no assembly and — above all — is affordable to both commercial growers and home gardeners. SweetRoots is the most convenient and affordable air pruning container on the market.

SweetRoots is based in Atlanta, Georgia. We source raw materials from local manufacturers, and every container is sewn locally to keep our product “100% Made in the USA."

Our business is built on relationships. We are committed to helping our customers make well-informed decisions that meet their horticultural needs at home or on the farm. If you have questions, please contact us.