Made with mesh-screen fabric, SweetRoots containers air-prune better than expensive, hard plastic containers. Our wire-free, soft-fabric containers are convenient and affordable.  

With SweetRoots your plants will
— be more resistant to pests, disease, and gardening mistakes
— grow faster
— live healthier
— yield bigger, more abundant fruits and flowers

SweetRoots containers are a beneficial tool for home gardeners of all levels. 

For those that are not experienced at gardening, our containers will help by making the learning curve less steep. SweetRoots containers will passively develop a dense, healthy root system that will buffer the plant from amateur gardener mistakes, and better resist against pests, diseases and infections. A more experienced gardener can take advantage of the dense root systems and increase the amounts of water/nutrients that are fed to the plants resulting in faster growth and increased production of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. 

SweetRoots containers can also be used to bring back to health plants that aren’t thriving due to light or soil conditions, and that may not survive the stress of a transplant to a more adequate location. Place the plant in a SweetRoots container and give it some care...within no time the root system will densify, guaranteeing the best transplant conditions for relocation.

We recommend one plant per SweetRoots container and highly recommend the use of drip irrigation for professional results at home.


Better Nutrition

Our technology generates more fibrous root systems in the center of the container that improve water and nutrient uptake.


Stable Containers

Mesh-screen-fabric prevents roots from extending beyond the safe environment of the growing media while enabling small roots to tack into the subsoil.


Stronger Plants

The result is healthier plants that grow larger and are more resistant to pests and disease.

Our business is built on relationships. We are committed to helping customers make well-informed decisions that meet their their gardening needs. If you have questions, please contact us.