Your Plants + Air Pruning = SweetRoots

Welcome to SweetRoots, revolutionary air pruning containers for the commercial grower and home gardener. Our patented SweetRoots containers passively prune the roots of plants, providing a convenient and affordable solution to the problem of root circling that happens with solid plastic containers.

Plants grow to their full potential with SweetRoots.

The initial idea for our container was to eliminate the problem of root circling for commercial tree farmers and nursery owners. But we achieved so much more…

  • densely fibrous root systems

  • insulation from temperature extremes

  • stronger, healthier plants

  • faster growth rates

  • Increased production of flowers/fruit

  • elimination of transplant shock

Made with mesh-screen-fabric, SweetRoots containers air-prune better than expensive, perforated, hard plastic containers that require assembly. We also outperform typical felt garden bags on the market.


Commercial Use

The SweetRoots container will not only result in a superior plant, it will save the commercial grower thousands of dollars per acre annually in labor and transportation costs alone.



Home Use

Made with mesh-screen-fabric, SweetRoots containers air-prune better than typical felt garden bags. Harness the power of commercial technology
at an affordable price.  


About SweetRoots

SweetRoots is the most convenient and affordable air pruning container on the market. Based in Atlanta, our product is “100% Made in the USA."